RazoRock – Quick-Change Double Edge Safety Razor

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Made from chrome plated alloy, this is an amazing razor for the price.
We couldn’t believe the quality of the build when it arrived at our store!
If you’re new to wet shaving, this is a good place to start and it won’t break the bank.

This razor is slowly starting to become a fan favourite for our lady customers due to it’s mildness.

Aggressiveness rating: 1/10 (mild)


In stock

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Based on 7 reviews

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  1. Matt

    Wow now this is a Razor … solid feel in the hand and a really smooth shave. This is a must have if you looking for a mild shaving experience !


  2. Auds

    Any ladies wanting to make a switch to a safety razor. This is most certainly the perfect razor for ladies!
    It’s lightweight feel, makes it easy for shaving your legs & gives them a really smooth & soft feel afterwards. It takes a bit of getting used to, but so worth it!


  3. CorrieTheron

    I was quite speechless when I shaved with this for the first time. I had to look twice if it was actually taking hair off because it felt so soft and smooth. Amazing! And super quality too. A must for any wet shaving applications. I’ll have to hide it from the leg-shavers in my house 🙂 Great site, great products!


  4. Mieks

    This one’s for all the women out there….

    First off – how good looking is that razor? So much more appealing than the plastic junk. Love the little twist of the handle that opens the top where the blade slots in. So elegant and no fiddly plastic bits!

    So how did it shave? And did I cut myself?

    What a pleasure! Not a single nick and a much smoother shave on my legs and underarms than other razors. So easy to use (keep it at a roughly 30 degree angle to your skin and don’t press down).

    Usually us girls do between 5-10 strokes on our underarms with a normal razor: this one needed only 2 strokes for a smooth finish!

    My legs are super soft and smooth – and a lot less irritated. I think in the long term it will also be a lot less drying. So winning all around!

    Definitely recommend this if you care about the environment (just say no to plastic) and still want to be smooth and fabulous!


  5. zakirah palmer

    This razor is really simple and easy to use at an astonishingly low low price, couldn’t have asked for a better razor

    zakirah palmer

  6. Pieter Fourie

    Great razor! Easy to use and mild.

    Pieter Fourie

  7. Mike

    I love the quality, feel and the finish.
    Smooth shave and no irritation, this is simply a great product for the price you pay.